Featured on Projexity

  • 4 years ago
  • By Jaclyn

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Here at DK, we are huge fans of city life. As residents of NYC we try our hardest to take advantage of all there is to offer in this great city of ours. But its a daunting task as there are endless activities and entertainment possibilities, and more and more each day.

Recently, Jackie was asked to be a guest on the Projexity blog’s Friday Fuss weekly series, where they ‘pester and prod people to tell us about 5 of their favorite urban spaces.‘ Jackie had the daunting task of not only representing NYC, but of narrowing her list down to only five entries.

For those who have not heard of Projexity, it’s is an online platform that enables individuals and organizations to fully participate in the urban development process. Projexity aims to take the guesswork out of urban development by assembling all of the moving parts onto one cohesive, easy to use, transparent platform. There’s no other tool out there to gather funding, expertise, design work, community awareness and approvals all in one place.

Basically if you ever thought that an empty space in your neighborhood would be a great spot for a communal garden or a parkspace but didn’t know how to even get started going about making that happen – Projexity helps make it all happen. Think of it as kickstarter for urban communal space.

Thank you to Marisa Bernstein, one of Projexity’s founders for the opportunity to share a piece of our world with her and her followers.